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Opportunity Detroit Tech
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Opportunity Detroit Tech

Opportunity Detroit Tech is a collaborative body that envisions the Greater Detroit Region as a place where an improved information technology ecosystem can be the answer to industry and community economic success! Opportunity Detroit Tech provides a network of support of both industry peers and labor market experts to identify and collectively address the needs of our local businesses. We work together to showcase the diverse companies engaged in these efforts, highlighting Southeast Michigan as an innovation hub to attract and retain top-tier talent and industry partners. Together, we can raise awareness of and shape community response to the industry’s talent, customer, supply-chain, and other growth needs to improve both the industry itself and the region as a whole.

Regional News

As defense jobs go away: Transition Center aims to place workers as jobs shrink

17 May 2016
In a year when unemployment in the state is at its lowest point in recent memory — 5.4 percent in April according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics — hiring managers are now struggling t...

Industries lighten up for talent development

02 May 2016
Manufacturers looking for the newest technologies in metals face a two-fold challenge: Maintaining a workforce schooled in the latest sciences while also developing a pipeline for future l...

Hiring News

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ATLAS Center Report: Demand for Transportation Safety Workers in Michigan on the Rise, More Education and Training Required

20 Apr 2016
(April 20, 2016)—DETROIT, Mich.— With approximately 564,500 workers in transportation-related occupations in Michigan, which comprise about 13 percent of the state’s total workforce, o...

Job outlook: Cyber Security

02 Dec 2015
It’s no surprise that cyber security ranks at or near the top of career fields experiencing strong and growing demand. Digital security specialists are needed to enhance existing IT depart...

WIN Report: “Eureka” Technologies Require More Education, Training for Competitive, Inventive Michigan Workforce

21 Oct 2015
Leading-edge technologies, including 3-D printing and automated products, have dramatically altered how businesses and workers shape the economy. The Workforce Intelligence Network for South...

UAW wages may be flat, but workers' pay is up

07 Jul 2015
In contract talks with the Detroit 3, the UAW will seek to boost the pay of veteran Tier 1 workers, who, union officials point out, haven't had a wage increase in a decade. But that doesn...